Short Stories

It should have been a normal day at work, but for one internationally famous fashion house there was a nasty surprise waiting behind the closed doors...

A pretty girl is stalked all night at her leaving party by an older man with the battered features of an ex-con, but what are his intentions?

The sad story of a dragon kept captive for years, her egg taken from her and held ransom. This story tells of her return from madness to sanity with the help of special young woman and two young dragons.

A tom cat watches from a roof top as a drama plays out in the street far below.

A relaxing drink in a country pub leads to an adventure which will change Harry and Fiona's lives for ever more.

A helpful young dragon and an intelligent horse help save the nation of Bratind from an enemy invasion with only a few minor misunderstandings involving barbecued knights and a fat juicy lamb.