I live on a farm in rural County Down with my husband and three almost-grown-up children. We are surrounded by animals and amazing views of rolling hills, forests and lakes out of every window.


I've had a lot of jobs: from Veterinary Surgeon to Scientific Researcher; Computer Teacher to Stable Hand, there's nothing like a bit of variety to alleviate the boredom.


At almost 50 years old I decided to start writing fiction. The whole story of The Blacksmith's Apprentice had been rattling around in my head since a creative writing class in school at the age of around 17 and I had to get it down.


Suddenly my children were big teenagers and no longer needed me, so I picked up my husband's iPad and started typing. I now have numerous short stories published and a couple of competition wins behind me, but there's always something new to learn.


I am lucky enough to belong to some brilliant writing groups, not least the Hexmen, the Yellow Door Group, and the Belfast Writers Group. Without them, I'd still be typing away in a vacuum. They're great people and include some successful writers who have freely shared their knowledge and experience.