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Hi, I'm Kerry Buchanan and I write fantasy and crime novels as well as copious numbers of short stories. You'll find a few of my very early stories on this site, and links to published stories elsewhere. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.


I also have a novel in the final stages of editing. The Blacksmith's Apprentice is the story of a young twenty-first century woman who is searching for her brother. She follows his trail into a cave which catapults her back into the Dark Ages. In this dangerous and frightening period, with chaos reigning in the wake of the Roman withdrawal from Britain, she has to learn new survival skills. She also needs to decide if the people who try to help her are really friends, or have they a hidden agenda? It is not only her life and that of her twin brother, but the fate of Britain and Ireland that rests on her decisions.


Watch out for The Blacksmith's Apprentice when it's published...


I do put up photos and details of new work published on my News and Events page, but to really see what I get up to, follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

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